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Welcome to Talking Parrots Group

We are your premium talking parrots for sale provider. Our birds are well protected and well taken care of to warrant that they have received the best Standards of care. We ensure that our birds are heathy and well taken care for at all times.

Thus, our customers can acquire healthy and socialized parrots for their homes. We have the following speaking parrots for sale. Our speaking birds include African Grey’s, Cockatoos, Macaws, Parakeet, Electus, Conure and Amazon.

All of them are characterized by different personalities; therefore you can order your type of parrot. All our birds for sale are hand reared, socialized and are now ready to be your new pets.

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About African Greys

Appearance and Size

African Greys differ in color only by having a greyish color on their bodies and bright red at the end of their tails. Their plumage are glossy and they have no casques on their heads. The fully grown up African Greys are on average between 12 and 14 inches in size. Males usually are a bit larger than females. They can easily fly and jump around within the homes and cages because of their small size.

Lifespan and Care

When the conditions such as diet, cleanliness and vets’ attention are taken care of, the life span of an African Grey Parrot is between forty and fifty years. Although, some parrots are recorded to have lived for over 70 years due to intensive care given by their owners. For this reason, owners are required to bear the responsibility of catering to all their needs for many years given their natural longevity. Socialization, proper feeding, hygienic environment and health check ups should be considered as some of the factors that defines a good parrot’s care for African Grey parrots.

The African Grey parrots have come to the lime light of the people around the world due to their exceptional talking skills, their intelligence and cute looks. I trust this overview was informative when it comes to their roots, looks and necessities as grand birds to have around. If there are any other questions I could assist with, kindly let me know.

About Macaw Parrots

Largely found in the forests of both Central and South America, macaws are among the most beautiful parrots you are likely to come across. Here are few facts about these awe inspiring rain forest birds.

Diversity of Plumage Colors

The all the macaw species belong to the Americas region, however, the variety of their plumage is immense. Some of the most well-known include:Some of the most well-known include:

Their plumage has a camouflage effect in the native trees, but appears quite striking to anyone who is watching.

Lifespan and Size

The life expectancy of macaw in captivity however depends with its caretakers is estimated to be between thirty; five and fifty years. They reach a rather large mature size and their average body length is approximately 92cm, from the beak to the tail. They also have large body sizes, therefore they have fantastic wingspans to boot.

About Cockatoos

Cockatoos are also one of the favorite birds and originate from Australia. Adults can reach the size of 18 inches and can live 40-60 years when placed in appropriate living conditions. There are various sizes and colors of this bird ranging from white, pink, grey, and even the black cockatoo. Cockatoos are social birds with high degree of playfulness, good talking ability and are fond of spending time with humans.

About Parakeets

Parakeets are also known as budgies, This is commonly known. They are small in size and source from Australia. They are available in different colors and if well taken care of they can last up to 15 years. The birds are also social and like enjoyed being touched by their owners. It makes them wonderful pet birds For example,Maisons too claims that parrots are her favorite pet birds because they are playful, loving, clean, and intelligent.

About Electus

There are also eclectus parrots or electus parrots. This species is among the most purchase and often used as talking parrots. A birth place of the parrots is perched on the Solomon Islands. They have thereby captured the heart of the parrot lovers with their shiny green color for the male and red or purple feathers for the female.

About Conure

The Conures are particularly famous for being playful, social, and in some cases able to ‘talk’. Their coloration is green, blue, yellow, and red. It is also shorter than most parrots making these birds ideal to be kept in a bureaucratic such as apartments.


Amazon parrots are known to be good talkers In this breed, the birds can mimic human voices. The organisms are categorized under the Amazona genus. These birds start their birth in the countries of South American, Central American, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The values for the feather’s colors can be introduced as a vast range of numbers. Some of the varieties of this bird include Blue-fronted Amazon, Yellow-naped Amazon, as well as the Orange-winged Amazon. They also can live up to half a century in captivity. But these birds need so much time and attention in order to keep them joyous and fit as a fiddle.

All the above stated birds have a high talking ability especially the African greys and macaws as well as Amazon parrots. Thus it can be concluded that Talking Parrots Island is the right destination for those who are seeking for the talking parrot for sale near me.